" Hey Bouzouki DJ.  Thanks again for last night.  You are a great Dj and an awesome bouzouki player. You did a fantastic job and we all had a blast"

- Nicholas Patsis

 " Bouzouki DJ was truly exceptional. His professionalism, his personable nature and phenomenal entertainment skills are second to none. All our wedding guests couldn't stop talking about how amazing Tim the bouzouki DJ was. Not only delivering music to accommodate everyone's taste as a DJ but also playing the bouzouki like no other. A brilliant bouzouki player. A true artist.  Thank you for the amazing Kefi you provided."

 -  John and Andrea Koukoulis 

" Thank you so much my brother! You really made the night alive.  I appreciate everything you put up with on the night, everyone enjoyed the dancing and the brilliant performances you did."

 - Daniel Elacci

" Hi Tim.  Just want to say thanks for bringing a taste of Sydney to Adelaide.  Everyone loved you.  You are an amazing Greek Dj and a fantastic bouzouki player. I have been inundated with so many text messages regarding your contact details.  My daughter gave me another surprise.  She is planning on getting married next year.  As soon as venue is confirmed I will inform you.  On the night of the wedding, one of the guests came to me and said you have a FANTASTIC!!! musician and we want to get up and dance now!!!  Thank you once again Tim.  This dream wedding was a success because of you.  Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

- Maria Diakou 

" Hi Tim.  Emanuel and I want to say a BIG thank you for last night.  The music was excellent!... It really made the night! "

- Katerina & Emanuel